Karoo by Hammerhead

We were asked to help Hammerhead (a former R/GA Ventures Studios startup) with the launch of their new product Karoo—a navigation product made for cyclists, by cyclists.

At its core, Karoo takes you places. And like any good riding companion, Karoo is there with you at every point of the journey. But the experience doesn’t have to end with a ride—Karoo also gives users inspiration and motivation to keep riding, even when cyclists aren’t on the road.

Lead Karoo’s web design/art direction and experience to craft a cohesive, immersive look and feel for the brand. The most exciting part of the process was the creation of the product detail page, which gave me the freedom to implement the brand’s ambitions, and showcase Karoo’s utility through the visualization of a real bike journey.

Virgillio Santos, Vitor Andrade 

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